Itim Usok

A little behind the scenes...

Everything for this launch is coming together. I'm integrating it with my day-to-day routine so some days I get to spend more time on this more than others and that's just the way I want it. I want this to be a part of me but not consume me entirely because I'm a Mom too...and a softball coach...and a taekwondo student...and did I mention I also have a 9-5? I'm nuts. LOL. But I live for this. I live for creating and helping others realize their potential.

Anyway, I'm doing everything for Black Smoke on my own. I have business experience with my stint with maskipops but I created my own logo, took my own photos, I'm building my own website...everything you see, hear and touch with Black Smoke was done by yours truly. I put a lot of heart into it and I hope you feel that. All of this is organic and homegrown and I'm proud to rep that.

So when it came to the website, I needed to lock down a domain but $30+ Gs for blacksmoke(dot)com is the dumbest shit. Fuck that, you can have it back. So where's all the mad rappers at? It's like a jungle in this habitat. It's not that serious, bruh. But what I ended up with is deeper and has so much more meaning. I reached out to friend and simultaneously we came up with Itim Usok. BANG.

Itim Usok (E-tim ooh-souk) is Black Smoke in Tagalog. Black Smoke IS me so it would make total sense to integrate my ethnic background into the brand and looking back at it (look back at it, look back it) I think the domain game played out exactly as it was supposed to. Issa vibe.

RN, trying to finalize the site. I have a few more pieces to create, photos to take, descriptions to make but after that, I want to leave it TF alone. I don't want to over edit the content on this site.

So exciting. What a time, to be alive.

Special shout to James for the assist on the domain. Thank you!

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