Ohh na na, what's my name?

The name Black Smoke was created from Black Tourmaline + Smokey Quartz but me being me, I wanted to see the spiritual meaning of black smoke had and I stumbled upon a blog post which was so fitting:


"When people are going through a spiritual or emotional growth phase, they release negative behavioral aspects, thoughtforms and emotions from their life and being. It is possible for a person who is clairvoyant, to actually see negative energy being released from their system as it happens. Negative energy is often seen as black smoke. Seeing this physical manifestation of negative energy being released happens so frequently in the processes of spiritual growth, I call this ‘off-gassing.’ It’s completely normal as part of the awakening process."

So profound and definitely me AF - ever evolving, spiritually growing and consistently releasing negative energy.

- Adri

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