Mercury is in Gatorade or sum sh*t.

In building this site, I've been pretty consistent with creating a blog post once a week but as you can see from the date of my last post, there was a hiatus thanks to Mercury Retrograde. *sigh* I cringe as I type that because I've always been a go-go-go person and with my Aries nature, it's hard for me to kick back, Cracker Jack. But I'm learning. I went through a few stressful situations in March. By the time I said fuck it, I realized there is a rhyme and a reason for everything. Check the rhyme. Yeah you can say I'm somewhat of a type A personality / control freak but this year has really taught me to fall back and go with the flow. The Universe has it's own timeline for me and may be different from what I conjured in my head but in the end, it's for my own good. (Thanks Universe!) Now that Mercury will be going direct in a few days, I also align myself with the phases of the moon. The book "Moonology" by Yasmin Boland has been a blessing on my path and is a definite must read. The New Moon in Aries (holla!) is tomorrow and I'm ready for some action. Take that, take that. Peace + Blessings to you all! XO

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